Mixing materials and crochet

Dear All !

First of all I’d like to give special thanks to whose who “likes” my Facebook page and warmly invite the other ones to join. I enjoy very much being able to interract with you an more spontaneous way than on this blog. I’d love to read your advises and comments.

This is what I wanted to share this time: I recently made some new experiments, this time, by inclusion of vintage materials in crochet work.

I mostly use blanket stitch to join the different parts, and the contrasts between textures is amazing. I find most of my vintage materials at the Hospice Shop on Bridge Street. It’s an amazing shop, a fantastic bric-à-brac where treasures are sleeping.

There’s definitely a second life possible for your old favourite flanel shirts and woolen materials, and every fantasy becomes a possibility. I wish I had more time to make you new tutorials. Moreover, unfortunately, the winter dark weather here doesn’t offer me much opportunities to take pictures these days.


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