Granny Throw

Gidday Everyone,

Here is my first Granny throw, and certainly not the last one as I have another big batch of Granny Squares of the same colors, ready to seam for another blanket. I’m happy I found a good use for those leftovers. Blue is not my favourite colors, and doesn’t inspire me much, most of the time. Granny Squares were definitely the best way to get rid of them ūüėÄ

I crocheted DK yarn with a 4mm hook, wool, acrylic, and blends.

This throw will keep my Grandma’s knees warm at Winter.

Upcycling an old Jean's phase 1: A Doiley

Hi Everybody,

We all have a pair of Jeans that sleeps in our wardrobe for ages and that no one in the family would never wear again.

Let’s see what we can do with that leftover.

Today, I cut the bottom of a leg, drew a circle and cut a round in the fabric. A picture worth a thousand words so here is a short and easy tutorial for you.


For those who forgot how to work blanket stitch, here is the “how to”:

blanket stitch





I have picked up 120 stitch with my crochet 3.5mm.

Working the edge:

GE DIGITAL CAMERARow 1 (foundation row): ch1, sc in same stitch, pick up a multiple of 10 sts

Row 2 : ch3 (count as first dc) 1dc in next 3 sts, *ch2, sk1, sc in next st, ch2, sk1, (dc, ch3, dc in same stitch), ch2, sk1, sc in next, ch2, sk1, 1dc in next 4 sts* repeat till end of round, join with sl in 3rd ch of first ch3.

Row 3: ch3 (count as first dc), 1dc in next 3 sts, *ch5, 7dc in the ch3 between the two dc from the previous row, ch5, 1 dc in each 4 dc* repeat till end of round, join with sl in 3rd ch of first ch3.

Row 4: ch3 (count as first dc) 1dc in next 3 sts, *ch2, sc in the ch5, ch5, sc on the 4th dc from the group of 7, ch5, sc in the ch5, ch2, 1 dc in each 4 dc* repeat till end of round, join with sl in 3rd ch of first ch3.

Row 5: ch3 (count as first dc) 1dc in next 3 sts, *ch5, 1sc in the ch5 from the previous row, ch5, 1sc in the next ch5 from the previous row, ch5, 1 dc in each 4 dc* repeat till end of round, join with sl in 3rd ch of first ch3.

Row 6: work as row 2

Row 7: work as row 3

Blocking: soack the edge in a sirup (1 volume of sugar for 6 volumes of water – pour the sugar in the boiling water and let it cook slowly until the water reduced by 1/3) – and pin your work on a flat surface (the iron board is a good place). Let it dry.




Mixing materials and crochet

Dear All !

First of all I’d like to give special thanks to whose who “likes” my Facebook page and warmly invite the other ones to join. I enjoy very much¬†being able to interract with you an more spontaneous way¬†than on this blog. I’d love¬†to¬†read your advises and comments.

This is what I wanted to share this time: I recently made some new experiments, this time, by inclusion of vintage materials in crochet work.

I mostly use blanket stitch to join the different parts, and the contrasts between textures is amazing. I find most of my vintage materials at the Hospice Shop on Bridge Street. It’s an amazing shop, a fantastic bric-√†-brac where treasures are sleeping.

There’s definitely a second life possible for your old favourite flanel shirts and woolen materials, and every fantasy becomes a possibility. I wish I had more time to make you new tutorials.¬†Moreover,¬†unfortunately, the winter dark weather here doesn’t offer me much opportunities to take pictures these days.


Crocheted Granny Shrug

G’day everybody !

I had a batch of chunky wool in my stash, that I used to crochet the Granny Shrug (original pattern available here) with a 5.50mm hook.

I chose to make a few rounds in Front post and Back post double crochet for the trims, and added 5 buttons to make it look like a cardigan.

I should write the pattern one of these days, suscribe the mailing list or “like” my facebook page to be informed when a new pattern is released !

Cheers :-)


Crochet: Granny Triangles Hat (pattern)

G’day everyone !

Here is the beta version of the Granny Triangles hat pattern. I hope you’ll enjoy !

You’ll need: 50 gr of 4 different colors ‚Äď 8/10 ply + 1 hook 4.5/5.00mm.

Have a look at the videotutorial here to learn how to make Granny Triangles, and have fun !!

Download pattern here:

Kiwi-Little-Things – UK – Granny Triangles hat

Your comments and corrections are welcome !

Crochet: Granny Handbag Symmetry (pattern)

G’Day !

Granny inspiration: this beautiful handbag can be crocheted in any color to fit any style.

You’ll need 150 gr of a main color, and 50 gr of 2 contrasting colors. The Grey bag has been crocheted with 4.5mm hook (40cm x 29cm), the Green one with a 4.00mm (34cm x 24cm)

The pattern is for sale here:

It explains how to make the textured stitches and assemble the motifs.

Your comments are welcome !

Upcycling: How to make leggings out of a pull-over

Hello Everyone !

We can do many things with very little.

Here we have an ordinary pull-over, 4 double-pointed needles 3.5mm, hook 4.5mm, 50 gr blue wool 3.5mm (5 ply) and pink and yellow leftovers.

Let’s start with a pair of leggings for little wise girls:

First, let’s cut the sleeves. No mercy !

Your cut must be perpendicular in the lenght of the sleeves. Then, cut off the wrists: you have two woolen tubes (mine were 43cm long, 14 cm large at the top, 11 cm large at the bottom).










Fold each border in two on 1cm, and work blanket stitch (spaced out 5 mm) all around the border.















Top of the legging (larger side): I made 80 stitches.

Now, knit those stitches one by one, evenly distributed on 3 needles (3.5mm)



















Let’s start knitting the trim:

Row 1: knit, and decrease evenly 20 stitches all around (= 60st)

Row 2: *purl 2, knit 3t* repeat from * to * all around.

Row 3: *purl 2, k1, k2tog* repeat from * to * all around (= 45st)

Row 4 to 16 : *purl 2, knit 2* repeat from * to * all around.

Cast off.

Bottom of the legging: I made 48 stitches

Row 1: knit, and decrease evenly 8 stitches all around (= 40st)

Rangs 2 à 7: *purl 2, knit 2* repeat all around

Cast off.











Make 3 motifs:

1. With the yellow thread and hook 4.5mm make a sliding loop. Into the loop: make: *ch4, 2 treble crochet, ch4, sl in loop* repeat from * to * 3 more times (= 4 petals). Break off leaving a long thread and cinche the loop by pulling the starting thread.

2. Make another similar motif with the pink yarn.

3. With the yellow thread again, make a sliding loop. Into the loop, make: *ch2, 2 hdc, ch2, sl in loop* repeat from * to * 3 more times (= 4 petals). Bread off leaving a long thread and cinche the loop by pulling the starting thread.

Stack the three layers, (smallest at the top). Pull the thread through the center of the top motif, and make a big knot. Cut the threads at 2cm from the knot. Fix petals between them with a stitch. Then, fix flowers to the top of leggings, at the level of the knit strip.
























Knit and crochet: Poppy Leggings – Pattern

Hello there !

I had those large bands of green knitting sitting on my shelves since at least three months, I finally turned them into leggings ūüėĬ†It’s like¬†a touch of¬†color in grey Winter, with a very ladylike crocheted edging. You can either wear it straight to keep your knees warm, or fold it, in a “loosy” style.

The instructions are very simple, just download this pdf:¬†Kiwi-Little-Things – UK – Poppys Leggings–¬†and feel free to contact me if you have any problem following them.


ANZAC Poppy Choker – Pattern

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, commemorated by both countries on 25 April every year to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in the Ottoman Empire during World War I. It now more broadly commemorates all those who died and served in military operations for their countries.[1][2] Anzac Day is also observed in the Cook Islands, Niue, and Tonga. It is no longer observed as a national holiday in Samoa. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Poppy is a symbol of rememberance, and are worn on this day by New Zealanders.

Let’s make it elegant ! Here is a choker that you will make in no time, all you need is… download the free pattern here:

Kiwi-Little-Things – UK – Poppy chocker

The Poppy was created by Des idées et des mains

Have fun !


Mittens "Mini-Wheels of Fortune" – Pattern

Gidday everyone ! Freshly baked: inspired by the “Wheel of Fortune” I made on the previous model, here is the pattern of the “Mini-Wheels of Fortune” mittens is ready and available for sale on Craftsy. You’ll need around 30 gr of 4 different colors (8 ply) and a 3.5mm crochet.

Don’t fear ! It’s easier to make than you might think. There are dozen of pictures which explains you everything, step by step. Just follow this link to get it:¬†and enjoy !