Fingerless Gloves: Pop Corns and Flip Flap

Hello everybody !

I knitted these mitts with a mix of cashemire and pure wool and 4 double pointed needles #3.00mm

I like very much their casual look, they fit with all styles !

The pattern is ready in French in the boutique, and will be available in English soon :-)

Your comments are welcome ! :-)

Knitted Victorian Mitts

Dear All,

I was thinking about something romantic, very ladylike, with a Victorian touch and finally, this mitts came up, with a lovely twisted trim, knitted lace and Bobbles.

I used 3.00mm needles.

Pattern available only in French on Cratfsy for the moment, and will be translated soon (leave your address in the mainling list to be informed of the release)

Your comments are welcome !


Anne :-)

Mittens "Mini-Wheels of Fortune" – Pattern

Gidday everyone ! Freshly baked: inspired by the “Wheel of Fortune” I made on the previous model, here is the pattern of the “Mini-Wheels of Fortune” mittens is ready and available for sale on Craftsy. You’ll need around 30 gr of 4 different colors (8 ply) and a 3.5mm crochet.

Don’t fear ! It’s easier to make than you might think. There are dozen of pictures which explains you everything, step by step. Just follow this link to get it: and enjoy !

Mittens "Wheel of Fortune"

Gidday :-)  Good news for those who asked: the pattern of those mittens is ready.

This photo tutorial explains in details how to crochet those beautiful mittens.

Dozens of pictures and clear instructions make it easy for beginners, as long as you know already how to work the basic stitches such as sc, hdc, dc, tr…

You’ll need: Around 30 gr of 4 different colors in 8ply, hook 4mm.

Grab it here:

And… Enjoy !

Bobble Mittens

Hello All !

Bobbles are fun when they are worked with different colors. I felt inspired by the beautiful wool bought from Cruella”s to make a first pair of multicoloured mittens, orange bobbles on green strips, and some red to make it even more shiny










Those gloves are made in a mix of alpaca and merino wool: shades of beige as background, and pink colors for the bobbles










And finally, a mix of pure wool in shades of blue and light grey










Two pairs of Granny Gloves

Hello !

I love Granny Squares, we can just use them for any purpose. They make beautiful blankets and throws, but they also make fantastic gloves or mittens. Here are the last ones. The Purple/Mustard Wheel of Fortune one is made of Merino. The other pair is a mix of wool, mohair and acrylic. I welcome all your comments !


Moka Retro Hat and Gloves

Gidday !

Vintage inspiration these days with a multicolour hat in pure virgin wool (different shades of brown and yellow), with some cuddly curly wool, embellished with some lace, a knitted green square and beautiful vintage red button. The gloves are warm and confortable, they perfectly fit the shape of the hand.

This set is available at Cruella’s.

The patterns will be made available soon, I’ll keep you updated !

Granny Mittens: Winter's garden

I had that hank of craft wool of a beautiful green which I did not too much know how to use.

The solution came from a granny square once again. A bit of pink in the center to form a flower, and juggle with the nuances of green all around to give the feeling of a garden.

A butterfly and a ladybird come to decorate the mittens and because we want to make it chic, there is a flake of 12 Swarovski crystal beads in the center of both flower. We should not hesitate to indulge ourselves sometimes!

Granny Mittens: Sunny Autumn

It started with a beautiful symetric granny square. A bit of beige and light brown, with a hint of rust and dark green for the contrast. The wrist is formed by crossed triple crochet, that I shall have to explain to you soon. The light brown thread is the Zhivago from Patons, It is a pleasure to work it, it is very soft and slightly satiny.