Entrelac Cape (Pattern)

Dear All

I hope you’ll enjoy this Entrelac Cape. Dare the try ! The pattern includes the tutorial for backwards stitching.

You will need:

Yarn: I made it with Aya by Noro , col 25, 50gr = 135m, 9 balls (= 450 gr)

Assorted ribbon: around 100 cm, for the yoke


2 needles 4.5 mm( US: 7) for the set up rows, you can use a circular needle 4.5 mm (US : 7) for the rest of the cape.

Gauge: 5 sts = 1″ on 4.5 mm needles (US : 7)

Finished Measures: 220 cm (bottom) x 64 cm – If you want it smaller, use 4.00 mm needles with related thread.


This pattern will be available or sale on Craftsy.

… Have fun !

Plaid Checkered Hat (pattern)

Hello everyone !

If you liked the Plaid Checkers Scarf, you won’t resist the assorted hat. Its thick textured stitch makes it a warm and comfy fabrics, a must for the Winter.

This pattern is great if you want to get rid of your leftovers, and you can combine colors any way you wish.
The pattern has been reviewed and corrected by the ladies of ravelry (free patterns testers group), to whom I say a big thanks !

Not recommended for beginners.

Yarn: DK/8 ply/4mm (the model shown here is made with Cascade Yarn – Cascade 220 Heathers – 100gr/200 meters – 18-20 stitches = 10 cm)

Main Color (MC) : Brown = 100 gr
Contrasting Color 1 (CC1) : Blue = 50 gr
Contrasting Color 2 (CC2) : Green = 50 gr
Contrasting Color 3 (CC3) : Mustart = 50 gr

+ 4 double pointed 4.5mm needles

+ 4 double pointed 5.5mm needles

The pattern is available for sale on my Craftsy Store. Click the picture below, and have fun !

Reversible Striped Scarf (pattern)

Hello everybody !

I was looking at the plaid covering the sofa, just the look of it was feeling cheering and warming up. I decided I would knit a comfy stripped scarf that would remind about the plaid. Slipping stitches here and there gives it the “plaid” look and make it reversible.

The ideal pattern when you wish to get rid of your leftovers.

This pattern is accessible to intermediate beginners.


Yarn:  DK/8 ply/4 mm (the model shown here is made with leftovers from various brands)

Main Color (MC) : Dark Grey = 100 gr

Contrasting Color 1 (CC1) : Orange = 50 gr

Contrasting Color 2 (CC2) : Blue = 50 gr

Contrasting Color 3 (CC3) : Light Grey = 50 gr


2 needles, or circular needle,  4 mm


18 sts. X 20 rows = 10 cm with 4 mm needles


158 cm x 23 cm

Pattern available for sale, click the picture below to be directed to my Craftsy store, and have fun !!

Crochet: Granny Triangles Hat (pattern)

G’day everyone !

Here is the beta version of the Granny Triangles hat pattern. I hope you’ll enjoy !

You’ll need: 50 gr of 4 different colors – 8/10 ply + 1 hook 4.5/5.00mm.

Have a look at the videotutorial here to learn how to make Granny Triangles, and have fun !!

Download pattern here:

Kiwi-Little-Things – UK – Granny Triangles hat

Your comments and corrections are welcome !

Crochet: Granny Handbag Symmetry (pattern)

G’Day !

Granny inspiration: this beautiful handbag can be crocheted in any color to fit any style.

You’ll need 150 gr of a main color, and 50 gr of 2 contrasting colors. The Grey bag has been crocheted with 4.5mm hook (40cm x 29cm), the Green one with a 4.00mm (34cm x 24cm)

The pattern is for sale here: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/Accessory/Granny-Squares-Bag/16462?fresh=true

It explains how to make the textured stitches and assemble the motifs.

Your comments are welcome !

Mittens "Mini-Wheels of Fortune" – Pattern

Gidday everyone ! Freshly baked: inspired by the “Wheel of Fortune” I made on the previous model, here is the pattern of the “Mini-Wheels of Fortune” mittens is ready and available for sale on Craftsy. You’ll need around 30 gr of 4 different colors (8 ply) and a 3.5mm crochet.

Don’t fear ! It’s easier to make than you might think. There are dozen of pictures which explains you everything, step by step. Just follow this link to get it: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/Accessory/Mini-Wheels-of-Fortune-Mittens/7295 and enjoy !

Mittens "Wheel of Fortune"

Gidday :-)  Good news for those who asked: the pattern of those mittens is ready.

This photo tutorial explains in details how to crochet those beautiful mittens.

Dozens of pictures and clear instructions make it easy for beginners, as long as you know already how to work the basic stitches such as sc, hdc, dc, tr…

You’ll need: Around 30 gr of 4 different colors in 8ply, hook 4mm.

Grab it here: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/Accessory/Wheel-of-Fortune-Mittens/5909

And… Enjoy !

Super Easy 3-in-1 Exchangeable Flowers Headband: here is the pattern !

Dear All,

Here is a super easy and superquick project that suits perfectly to the beginners.

It just requires small quantities of different colors, so it’s an elegant way to get rid of your leftovers :-)

You’ll need around 20gr of a 8 ply thread (crochet size 4.5mm) for the headband, then, 10 gr of wool in three (or four, or five…) constrating colors for the flowers. Feel free to use a thicker thread and crochet size – it will make bigger flowers. (On the picture here, the orange flower is made in 5.5mm). You’ll also need a bit of green or olive green, for the leaves, and don’t forget… 3 beautiful buttons (1 to hold the flower, two other ones to close your band).

Click here for the free PDF: Exchangeable flowers Headband

Cheers :-) and have fun !

Knitting an Entrelac Hat

G’Day Folks ! :-)

Here is the tutorial for the Entrelac Hat, with dozens of pictures !

You will need:

– 2 balls of 8 or 10 ply yarn (of the same color, or two contrasting colors, or even better, a “unique color phase yarn” such as the quality “Peru” from Sirdar)

– 4 double-pointed needles 4.5 or 5mm

– 1 crochet 4.5 or 5.00 mm

And a bit of patience :-)

You can grab the pattern on my craftsy store for only US$2.95


Cheers !

Crocheted Spiral Beret


The Spiral Beret is great fun to make, moreover it’s quick and needs only about 60-70gr of wool. It’s the ideal pattern when you’re looking to use small quantities of wool left from your former projects.

We need about 20 gr of 4 colors. For that tutorial I used:

  • MultiColour (A)
  • Red (B)
  • Orange (C)
  • Yellow (D)
  • Hook: 4.5 mm

First, it’s important to know the only way for you to know when you are starting a new row, is to check where is your marker. A change of color DOES NOT denote the beginning of a new round, and also, the color DOES NOT change at the marker.

It just takes a little bit of concentration on the first rows, and then, you’re gone !

Nota Bene: for this tutorial, all the stitches have been worked on back loop.

With color A, chain 2.

Rd 1: work 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc in 2nd ch from hook. Drop A (draw up a long loop to avoid losing the stitch). With B, working in the same ch, draw a loop and work: *1sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc*. Drop B. Repeat from * to * with color C and D.

You have now a circle with 4 segments each in different colors, 3 stitches of each color, for a total of 12 stitches.

Rd 2: Continuing with D. Work 2 dc into each stitch of A. Drop D.
 Pick up the loop of A and work 2 dc into each stitch of B. Drop A.
 Pick up the loop of B, and work 2 dc into each stitch of C. Drop B.
Pick up C and work 2 dc into each stitch of D.You have now completed the second row.Place a long colored thread into your work, on the last stitch. This will be your marker for the beginning of rounds.
 Rd 3: Continuing with C, work into the remaining sts of D: * 1 dc in next st, 2 dc in next st * (3 times), drop C
Pick up D, repeat from * to * on sts of A, drop D.
 Pick up A, repeat from * to * on sts of B, drop A.
   Pick up B, rep from * to * on first 6 sts of C, you have now completed 3 rounds, you are at marker, which means you are at the end of the round, not at the end at the color. You have a total of 36 dc (9 dc in each color)

Rd 4: Following the same pattern, keep on going working 2 dc in every 3rd st of each color segment. You end up with 12 dc in each color (total of 48 dc)

Rd 5: Increase every 4 dc. You end up with 15 dc in each color (total 60 dc)

Rd 6: Increase every 5 dc. You end up with 18 dc in each color (total 72 dc)

Rd 7: Increase every 6 dc. You end up with 21 dc in each color (total 84 dc)

Rd 8: Increase every 7 dc. You end up with 24 dc in each color (total 96 dc)

Rd 9, 10 and 11: Work 24 dc in each color (total 96 dc)

Rd 12: decrease every 6 dc by crocheting 2 dc together. You end up with 21 dc in each color (total 84 dc)

Rd 13: decrease every 5 dc. You end up with 18 dc in each color (total 72 dc)

Rd 14: decrease every 4 dc. You end up with 15 dc in each color (total 60 dc) Work the three last sts of each segment of color as follows: 1 dc, 1sc, 1 sl, end off.


Rd 1: Join with the color of your choice, ch 2 and work between 60 and 65 sc (depending on your head’s size). Join with a sl to top of beg ch 2.

Rd 2: ch 2,  work 1 hdc on each sc. Join with a sl to top of beg ch 2.

Rd 3 to 5: ch 2, work 1 sc on each sts. Join with a sl to top of beg ch 2. Cast off.

You’re done already ! Wasn’t it simple?

Now, feel free to play with colors and to add various embellishments to your beret, flowers, buterflies, beads, let your inspiration guide you !